PrintMaster Platinum inspires creativity and helps you send greetings to everyone you know for any occasion. You can use any of the hundreds of features to spruce up your old photos or add zest to "Happy Birthday" and other text. If you find greeting card software hard to navigate, try PrintMaster Platinum. You can change styles and add elements from multiple locations for extra easy navigation

The feature set in this card making software is extensive, making PrintMaster Platinum one of the best greeting card software programs on the market. You have the choice between blank templates or choosing from over 3,500 pre-made templates and 375,000 modern graphics and images to add to your personalized card. When adding photos, you can drag and drop them, insert them from a sidebar or add a special photo layout background, which positions multiple photos attractively on your card for you. Something unique about this card design software is an overall project checker in addition to the spell check feature. When you run the check, a report tells you if there are any problems, which fonts you used, spelling errors, shows you a preview and more.

Text is easy and fast for you to edit. An eyedropper makes changing the color a snap, and you can quickly change the size, opacity, alignment or add a drop shadow in seconds. The choice between more than 600 fonts also helps you match the text to the design of your card effortlessly. You can also make your text run along a shape such as a circle or the corner of a picture. Picture editing in this greeting card maker is very relaxed as well. Quickly crop, fix red-eye, rotate, add special effects and more to your photographs.

In PrintMaster Platinum, the entire card-building process is both intuitive and fun. The layout feels very natural and you can either drag and drop content or double-click to change – sometimes it's one or the other however. You can even save your cards in JPEG format so you can print it out or email at your leisure. This card printing software, however, doesn't support sound or music and another small problem we discovered was that general keyboard shortcuts aren't compatible. You have to right-click or find the icon to zoom, delete or paste.

Inside the program tutorials, manuals and a great search feature point you on your way to making stylish homemade greeting cards. You can search the manual right inside the program. Topics are easy to find from the index or you can search for keywords to find instructions, tutorials and specific help. From the Broderbund website, you can submit a customer support request or contact representatives by phone or email. Extensive FAQs and technical support solutions are also available for easy access. There is no live chat feature for fast support though.

PrintMaster Platinum Summary:

PrintMaster Platinum is simple to use for creating custom greeting cards that can look better than generic cards picked from a store rack. This greeting card software guides you smoothly through the process of constructing cards worthy of any occasion. PrintMaster Platinum is full of tools and features that can aid and inspire you to make beautiful, unique greeting cards that really put your creativity on display.

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PrintMaster Platinum 2012

Unique features like project check and photo templates make this greeting card maker fun and easy to use.

You can't share your cards online to sites like Facebook or YouTube with music or sound.

The Verdict:

The well-designed graphics and fun features make this greeting card maker one of the best.