Greeting Card Studio is a simple card maker that allows you to easily design an original card creation. Although there are fewer graphics and editing options than many of the best greeting card software programs, Greeting Card Studio can help you design a card for any party or occasion.

This card making software comes equipped with 450 templates and 4,000 pre-installed graphics. The templates are simple and easy to work with, and you can always start from a blank template as well. The graphics also seem outdated and simple. They aren't high quality photo images either – the graphics are mostly simple clip art images.

One of the most helpful design tools this software offers is the gridline and ruler option. This allows you to precisely place the elements of your card. The number of features you can apply to text are limited in this greeting card software program. You can apply drop shadows, but you can't place text on curves, check your spelling or access writing etiquette tips. Photo editing options are a little bit more plentiful, but still fall short compared to other card software programs. Once you import your photos, you can change colors, crop, rotate, enlarge or reduce. That is it, however, so make sure your photos are perfect before you add them to your handmade birthday cards.

Greeting Card Studio is easy enough to use, but the layout seems outdated. The icons along the top toolbar are not labeled, but most of them are straightforward. When using the software to make invitations, you select an element from the left and choose color, font and other styles from the right sidebar. Even thought the format is easy to use, the graphics and fonts inside the program are lackluster. You can email, print or save your card from the top toolbar at any time for easy convenience. Even though you can post your personalized card to Facebook, you can't upload to YouTube or add music and sound to your card.

There are several ways to get in touch with the manufacturer in case you have questions or concerns. There is an online email submission form for feedback and a FAQs page. The company also provides multiple email addresses and phone numbers for customer and technical support. There are no user forums or a live chat feature for quick answers, though.

Greeting Card Studio Summary:

Overall, Greeting Card Studio is a decent, straightforward software package for creating traditional greeting cards. However, its limited tools and options make it difficult to design anything that is particularly original.

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Greeting Card Studio 2012

The gridline and ruler option is a great feature for creating astatically pleasing cards.

The graphics are limited and out of date.

The Verdict:

While the interface and graphic options could use an update, this simple greeting card maker is relatively easy to use.