Greeting Card Factory Deluxe card making software is easy to navigate compared to other programs. You can select from thousands of premade cards or completely design a fresh concept. This greeting card software makes sending thanks or good wishes trouble-free via email, snail mail or Facebook. You can create holiday cards, thank you cards, party invites, baby announcements and so much more for your friends and loved ones.

The best greeting card software programs typically have more features and options than you could ever use, and Greeting Card Factory Deluxe is no exception. It's fun to select from more than 26,000 templates and 94,000 art objects. No two cards are the same – unless you create one you are fond of – then you have the option to save it for future use. You also have the option to start completely from scratch if your creativity exceeds the available templates. From the blank template selection screen, you can choose the size and direction of the fold, or select from postcards and pop-up designs as well. Unfortunately, this application lacks the ability to create an eCard that can be enhanced by sound and music.

Photo editing is a breeze inside this card software. You can upload any photo from your library then crop, flip, fix red eye, enhance the color and more inside this card printing software. Customizing your text is also just as easy. It's easy to change your text's color, size or position or add special effects, just like inside any word processor. There are over 1,200 fonts to choose from to create the perfect card for any occasion. All the text-editing options are located inside the same pop-up box, so you don't have to search for features.

The navigation of this birthday card maker is very similar to that of Office products, so your learning curve is smooth and flat. You can easily find out how to insert objects from the left sidebar and change color and text features in the right sidebar. Printing and arranging controls are along the top bar. Try dragging and dropping, double clicking and highlighting to get most of your projects done in a snap. Also, sharing your personalized greeting cards is fun and effortless. It's easy to post your creations to Facebook from the left sidebar at any time. You can also save your work as JPEG files so you can email or print your handmade birthday cards at your convenience.

The help and support features offered by Nova Development are great. A user manual comes with your card making software, and you can access FAQs and a user forum on the website as well. You can contact Nova with questions on the phone, through email or via live chat. Within the software is a help menu with an easy search function that can provide instructions, troubleshooting and other information.

Greeting Card Factory Summary:

Greeting Card Factory Deluxe provides a fun way to experiment with different styles until you craft a card that is exactly what you want. It really does take just a few clicks of the mouse to make a colorful and personalized card. However, in this wired era, it cannot be a first-rate greeting card maker without the sound- and music-enhanced eCard option.

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Greeting Card Factory 9

Navigation is easy to maneuver and adding text or graphics is effortless.

You are unable to add sounds or music for e-cards.

The Verdict:

Ease of use and plenty of features make cards fun to create and share.